Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Karla Reynolds 

“What will you do, now that you know?” 

On Karla’s first mission outreach to Uganda in 2010, she learned what extreme poverty means to the people who live it daily. That experience  awoke in her a desire and a passion to serve the poor and marginalized  as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 25:40. Before retiring and devoting her time to Hands4Uganda, Karla spent thirty-two years working in  research and development in the semi-conductor industry.  She was employed for 28 of those years at IBM, developing state of the art Computer-Aided-Design software and managing teams of engineers. Later she was hired as a World Wide Director of CAD at AMI Semiconductor, directing teams across Europe, US and India. Her long career developed her leadership skills, boosted her problem solving and  business competence, gained her project management proficiency, raised her sensitivity to cultural differences, and provided her an in depth knowledge of how to design and successfully deploy software. Those skills  would prove useful to an organization dedicated serving people half way around the world. Armed with her faith and career expertise, she joined a group of passionate and compassionate folks shortly after her initial trip to Uganda to help start Hands4Uganda. Her education background includes a degree in Mathematics from University of Maine and raising three kids with her husband of 41 years.

Vice Chairman - Syd Hair

Syd is currently employed at Purdue University at the Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center in Lafayette IN.  Her love for Uganda began in 2008 when she traveled to Jinja to serve with Next Generations Ministries. It was there that she met and fell in love with the work Betty Wasswa was doing at Rock of Ages school in Mbiko. From that point, Syd was determined to do something more to help the school grow from 11 kids. She started a sponsorship program, enlisting friends and family to sponsor a child. In 2010 Syd took her "dream team" to Uganda. It was this team that caught the vision and incorporated the sponsorship program into a developing nonprofit organization, Hands4Uganda. The story of Rock of Ages partnering with Hands4Uganda is one covered in love, commitment, devotion and above all else the hand of God! 

God gave Syd a promise, that is being fulfilled daily: "Build a school teach a child!  Teach a child, change a village! Change a village, impact a nation!"

Secretary/Treasurer - Kim Drake

Kim became involved with Hands4Uganda because of her love for helping others and through her stepdaughter, Ariane. She was an integral part of the birth of Hands4Uganda as an official 501c3, not only establishing the organization as an official nonprofit through the tedious paperwork required to set up an organization, but also helping to shape the H4U into what it is today. 

Kim and her husband Michael enjoy fishing, playing ball with their two dogs, gardening, and working on DIY projects. Kim is currently a Recruiting Specialist for Embassy Management where she works to fill positions for Aspire Human Services and SL Start which provide care for developmentally and/or mentally challenged children and adults. Kim believes that life is about stepping-stones. That one thing always leads to another and it's the journey that's important. It’s about what is learned along the way. In Kim’s words, “I want to do good. There are different meanings for that. Mine is: do all you can, as often as you can, for as many as you can, for as long as you can.”

Director - 
Randy Fowler

Randy is married to Keri Lu and has two married daughters, three grandchildren and a couple of awesome son-in-laws. He is an Emergency Physician and has a heart for medical missions. He and his family have served together in Ecuador and Uganda. Randy has been to Honduras and most recently to Kenya with Samaritans Purse,staffing the Emergency Department in one of the largest mission hospitals in Africa. He enjoys everything about the outdoors​: hiking, biking, snowshoeing, telemarking, snow boarding, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, golfing, sailing, you get the idea.  Randy feels blessed with his life, wonderful family and profession. It is a joy for Randy to be able participate on the Board of H4U, which allows him the opportunity to share God's love with the students, families and community of Mbiko, Uganda. He would like to say a special, "Thank you", to all who have sponsored a child at Rock of Ages Academy. Your faithfulness has made a huge impact on the lives of those children.  

Director - Gabe Flicker

Gabe Flicker first went to Rock of Ages school in 2010. As the Executive Director of Grace Lutheran School he and five faculty members along with 19 others from Pocatello went to Uganda. From that trip and the dream of Ariane Drake to start Hands4Uganda it all began. Betty Wasswa, the founder and leader of Rock of Ages School, came to Gabe's school in Pocatello Idaho in 2009 to serve as an intern. Everyone fell in love with her and later in love with ROA. Gabe has been an educator in the Lutheran system for 43 years and recently retired. He was honored to be a National Distinguished Principal and the Principal of a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, the two highest honors given by the U.S. Department of Education. Gabe, along with his wife, enjoys tandem cycling and XC skiing. They have three grown children. You can often find him behind a camera. In the photo to the right he is teaching young single moms in Guatemala how to use cameras. Prior to that visit none had ever taken pictures of their babies.  

Program Development Manager - Ariane Drake

Ariane graduated from Westminster College, SLC, UT in 2016 with a B.S. in Public Health. She plans to pursue a graduate program in Global Health and a Master’s of Science in Nursing with the hopes of providing healthcare to some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Ariane has always had a heart for international aid, holding her first fundraiser at the age of 10 for those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. Upon her return from the Africa Mission Trip in 2010, she struggled deeply with her "comfortable life" having seen, first hand, the effects of true poverty. Believing that we each must be the change that we wish to see in the world, she decided to organize a group of other passionate individuals to help start what she saw as a grassroots movement- to fulfill the dream of a local Mbikoin who desperately wanted to be the change in her village by educating the children of Mbiko. Ariane proudly served on the Board of Directors for Hands4Uganda for seven years and recently assumed the position of Program Development Manager. In her free time Ariane enjoys trail running, skiing, climbing, fly fishing, working with plants, and playing with her puppy, Tikka