Jamal Wasswa

Jamal Wasswa
Update (April 2017):
Jamal has been waiting for a sponsor for a year now. He is currently in Top Class (PK5).

Basic Sponsorship
Guarantees a spot in the school for your sponsored child. Enables your child to receive an education by qualified teachers, a meal  & juice per school day, and a school uniform to be made for your child.
Amount:  $30/Month

Premium Sponsorship
Same as basic package but includes a monthly food pack of rice and eggs to be given to your child at the first of each month during the school term.
Amount: $50/Month


    Additional information about Jamal Wasswa:
   Jamal lives with both of his parents. He has many cousins who also attend ROA and after seeing the quality of education his cousins were receiving, his parents decided to move to Mbiiko in order to enroll Jamal and his four siblings at Rock of Ages.