Hannah Tate Praise

Hannah Tate Praise

Birth Year: 2014
Class: Middle Baby Class
Lives with:  Mother
Account Number: 1649

Her dad is a boda cyclist but currently he is in prison battling a court case in which he rented a motorcycle he was using. It was stolen and the owner thought he was lying or playing games. So he just ordered for him to be put in prison as investigations are being done. She has an elder sister in P1 attending ROA. Her mother is a house wife.

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Basic Sponsorship: 
Guarantees a spot in the school for your sponsored child. Enables your child to receive an education by qualified teachers, a meal  & juice per school day, and a school uniform to be made for your child.
Amount:  $30/Month

Premium Sponsorship:
Same as basic package but includes a monthly food pack of rice and eggs to be given to your child at the first of each month during the school term.
Amount: $50/Month


Additional Information about Aamira:
Aamira lives with her mother and stepfather. Her mother works at a store in Mbiiko.