Denise Nabagala

Born on the 1oth October 2011, she loves school more than anything. She is from Anglican Christian background. The dad and the mum are still together but not in good terms as the father doesn't  want to take care of the family claiming that the mother works.  She works at a factory and takes care of the family. There are two kids in the family and she is the last born. Has no medical complications noted yet.
Sponsor Denise Nabagala

Basic package: 
Guarantees a spot in the school for your sponsored child. Enables your child to receive an education by qualified teachers, a meal  & juice per school day, and a school uniform to be made for your child.
Cost:  $30/Month

Premium package:
Same as basic package but includes a monthly food pack of rice and eggs to be given to your child at the first of each month during the school term.
Cost: $50/Month