Jonathon Muhoozi

posted Sep 14, 2011, 1:38 PM by Karla Marie   [ updated Aug 4, 2012, 1:20 PM ]
Update: We have found a sponsor for Jonathon!
Jonathon Muhoozi
Jonathan is four years old and has been living with both his parents. He has been attending school at Rock of Ages preschool for two years and is currently enrolled in grade PK-4.

Over the last month, Jonathan's attendance at school has been very irregular. Jackie, his teacher became very concerned and decided to visit his home to see if there was anything that she could do to help him get back to school.

Upon arrival at Jonathan's home, his teacher learned from a neighbor that Jonathan's parents had a fight and separated, both going their own direction, leaving Jonathan on his own.

 Jonathan was left with no food or supervision for two days until a neighbor discovered the situation and took him into her care. The neighbor did not want to expose the domestic dispute so was not sending Jonathan to school. Additionally she was concerned about the cost of his tuition, knowing she would not be able to pay the fee. After much discussion and encouragement from the teacher, the neighbor agreed to allow Jonathan to continue his education at Rock of Ages, tuition free, for the time being where he will receive one nutritious meal per day. The neighbor agreed to provide dinner and shelter for the young boy until his parents return knowing that in this part of Uganda it is likely that they may never return. The neighbor's largest concern is with regards to any medical bills should Jonathan become injured or ill in any way.

As of the release of this newsletter, the whereabouts of Jonathan's parents are still unknown. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring Jonathan or making a one-time donation in his name. The monthly sponsorship fee to ensure he is able to continue attending Rock of Ages is only $20 per month. A one-time donation in any amount will help offset his tuition or if you like, you can specify your funds in Jonathan's name for medical expenses if or when they are needed. Learn how by going to Sponsor a Child.