Rock of Ages School

Build a school, teach a child.
Teach a child, change a village.
Change a village, impact a country!
Miracle Worker by Chad Hair on Vimeo - Lilly Bulamu is a Christian recording artist in Mbiiko, Uganda.  Chad Hair, Acclaim Productions, visited Mbiiko in June of 2010 and produced this music video with Lilly for Rock of Ages School.   
Chad and his wife, Syd, administer the child sponsorship program for Rock of Ages. We are working to post information about all the children needing sponsorship.  In the mean time, if you are interested in sponsoring a child, please see the list of children needing sponsored or contact Syd directly. 208.238.6390
"These kids are such a blessing to us.  This is why we do what we do." ~ Chad Hair 

"I see great promise in the work the Lord is doing through this school!  It was one of my favorite places to be while in Uganda! If I can get sponsors for these kids, they can turn an entire village around for Christ. Despite the heartbreaking stories that each of these children carry with them, they still have big smiles and THEY LOVE learning.  They are so eager to absorb it all!"

~ Syd Hair

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