Rock of Ages School

Love differently - build a school.

Rock of Ages School is a nondenominational Christian school located in the village of Mbiko, Uganda. Hands4Uganda's hope for ROA students is that they will learn of God's love and be given all necessary tools to grow into responsible, fulfilled, Christian adults. Mbiiko is a small suburb of the second largest city in Uganda (Jinja) and sits near the source of the Nile River. Situated on a main highway that connect Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, Mbiko is known for drugs and prostitution. STI's including AIDS are very prevalent in the small village. Due to the high rates of prostitution in this area, many children come from single parent homes or are abandoned with other relatives. 

About 250 children, ranging in PK3 through Primary 7, currently attend ROA. 
The average monthly income in Mbiko, for those who are fortunate enough to have a job, is around 3 USD per month. Education is not free in Uganda. While there are public schools many fees are associated with attendance. When a small income means choosing between food and an education, many families simply cannot afford to send their children to school. 

Currently ROA is housed in a rented building on leased land. Over the past few years the landlord has allowed us to renovate the existing buildings, (adding six classrooms, administrative offices, and a library) in order to serve more children. However we are currently at maximum capacity with 250 students and no other options for expansion.

Rock of Ages- A Tour

To date, we have purchased a three acre parcel of land near the current school location. Below you can see where the new land is situated compared to the present-day school. Not only will we have enough space on the new land to host multiple buildings for a 500 student population, but we will also be able to have a soccer filed and a small scale farm in order to teach the children related skills, while also providing food for lunches. 

Google Earth Image- Newly Purchased Property vs. Current School Location

Our hope is to start construction of a new school facility within the year. We are currently in the process of raising the necessary funds to begin this project. In order to complete the entire school facility we are in need of an estimated $1 million. Our first project will be building a road to the location, bathrooms (required for construction worker use), and teacher housing. It is customary for a teachers salary to include housing. Once the construction of the teacher housing is complete we will no longer have to pay for rented housing, drastically cutting the current overhead costs of Rock of Ages.   

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