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About Us

Love differently. 

Our Mission

     The mission of Hands4Uganda is to make a positive difference in the lives of the children and 
     youth of Uganda, primarily through a faith-based education, and to assist them in achieving 
their highest potential as they grow to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults, 
by providing compassion, love, economic, and spiritual support.

The Beginning- Africa 2010 Outreach
Tomanya - Lugandan for “You never know”- but God does. It was with this theme in mind that the Africa 2010 team made its way to Uganda, Africa. Not knowing exactly what to expect, anticipation and a little nervousness was evident on each one of the jet lagged faces as the team landed at the Entebbe airport and made its way to the second largest city in the country of Uganda, Jinja. It was then that the adventure began.

Throughout the three weeks of the outreach spent in the “Pearl of Africa” the team learned that Uganda isn’t just a place of geographical beauty that is lush in natural re-sources but is also a country overflowing with amazing people who genuinely love and live each day with a joy most have forgotten in this day and age.

While in Uganda, the Africa 2010 team did a variety of outreaches including physicals for over 120 people, teaching, and maintenance at two schools (one of them Rock of Ages) both residing in predominately Muslim communities where witch-craft is often practiced. 

“We went to Uganda hoping to bless the people in need there,” said Ariane Drake. “What many of us came to find was that we were actually the ones being blessed through this ministry. I believe I can speak for the team when saying the Africa 2010 outreach was a life changing experience with a few life lessons learned in happiness, thankfulness, politeness, and the greatest of all - love.”

As a result of the Africa 2010 outreach, Hands4Uganda was established to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for Ugandan children, specifically in the village of Mbiiko.