Ensuring Students Eat During School Break

posted May 6, 2017, 1:17 PM by Ariane Drake
On April 27th we began a fundraising campaign through Facebook, inviting our page followers to donate to the "Matching Grant - Fill Our Tummies" fundraiser. A generous donor had given H4U $680 as a matching grant to help provide extra lunches and cover additional costs for the students at ROA during their month long quarterly break. 

Recently, war refugees from neighboring South Sudan have been pouring into Uganda- stressing food supplies that were already dwindling due to a prolonged drought in the region. Food prices have nearly tripled over the past few months, forcing many families to go without. 

Students were already coming to class hungry, as for many, their only meal of the day was school lunch. The month long quarterly break began May 1st and we are happy to say that H4U has been able to continue to provide students with their school lunch each day throughout this time thanks to the amazing support of our donors! 

The fundraiser officially ended on May 3rd and with in that timeframe we raised a total of $1775 inkling the original donation of $680!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported this fundraiser to help keep the tummies of our Rock of Ages students full!