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Food Fund                 Feed A Child

Food prices in Uganda have nearly tripled over the past two months (as of February 2017). This is occurring for two reasons. Uganda has seen lower rainfall averages over the past two years causing a regional drought that is driving up the cost of food. The drought is even more severe is nations north of Uganda, such as in Sudan, where famine and political upheaval are causing millions of starving and war weary South Sudanese to pour into Uganda from the north, seeking refuge and further stressing the resources in Uganda. Here is a link to a Washington Post headline story (publish 4/11/17) on the famine which shows most of 
                                                              Uganda shaded as “stressed”. 

Although we can’t solve the larger issues, we can help the ROA students and their families. According to the Director of Rock of Ages, many students are getting their only meal at ROA each day. We have to ensure the school has the resources to continue to provide that meal. With the increased prices of food we need additional funding to offset the costs of school lunches. In addition we hope to continue to provide lunch throughout the semester break in order to guarantee that the students are receiving at least one meal each day while not in school. 

Healthcare Fund                     Sick Child Donation

While each student is able to visit the nearby health clinic at any time, thanks to sponsors like you, accidents do happen where a higher level of medical attention is needed. Over the past seven years we have had the opportunity to support many students in need of minor and major medical assistance. 

Malaria is very common in Uganda and many of our students suffer yearly from this infectious disease. On the other hand, we have had children require prolonged medical treatment as they suffered third degree burns across half of their body due to spilled water, boiling over an open charcoal fire as dinner was being prepared. There are, of course, the more common childhood injuries that require a little more attention- broken limbs, cuts needing stitches, etc. Your donation will ensure that when these disasters hit, students are fully covered.  

Bless A Family                      
Bless a Family

Sometimes families need a little more assistance than what is provided though the sponsorship of their child. The loss of a parent, a grandmother who is caring for eight children, these are common occurrences in the lives of ROA students. The Director of Rock of Ages, Betty Wasswa, does a phenomenal job of understanding the home life of each student. When there is a family in an especially strenuous situation or in significant need she always does her best to ensure that they can find the help they need. If you would like to ensure these kinds of funds are in place, please donate.